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10 Quick Health Facts for Busy People

When it comes to proper health care, most busy people tend to be nonchalant, which eventually affects their health and productivity in the long run.

If you belong to this category and would like to know simple ways to improve your health despite a busy schedule then this article is for you.

Quick Health Facts

  1. Good health boosts your productivity and overall performance at work.
  2. Power naps could help you calm down unhealthy stress hormones.
  3. A weekly or monthly full-body massage tenders stressed and stiffed muscles in your body. It also helps soothe accumulated body aches.
  4. Having a simple balanced diet nutrition plan would provide your body with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins daily.
  5. Getting a good amount of sleep daily can lower the chances of fatigue at work. In turn, it would help you stay focused and productive.
  6. Walking helps you flex stiff muscles and limbs. On the days you are not running late to work or the days when work closes early, you can use a part of the time to commute, and walk the rest.
  7. Chewing gum helps you stay active at work, and keeps your mouth from getting an odour if shut for a long while.
  8. Exercise often to boost your energy levels. There may be no time to hit the gym regularly, however, you can go for a good run in the evening after work or early in the morning before work. If you have no time for that then another option would be weekend workouts with friends.
  9. Drinking lots of water helps your body stay hydrated. It also has a good effect on the skin and your kidney.
  10. Playing puzzles or brain games during your free time can help boost mental capacity.

Tips for living healthy as a busy person

1. Healthy eating & hydration

A regular day could require that you skip breakfast to beat traffic, especially in busy cities. Also during lunch break, you may opt for a meal that simply satisfies and fills your stomach for a longer period rather than a meal with high nutritional value. For busy people who live alone, dinner option may be fast food like noodles or fries. These meals may be filling, but, your body doesn’t get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins it needs from them.

Here are a few things to note:

  • Chocolates eaten in moderation provides your body with antioxidants which help boost blood circulation and prevent your skin against UV rays.
  • A daily intake of green tea could lower the risks of certain type of diseases.
  • Oatmeal provides your body with serotonin which helps in boosting brain power and mental capacity.
  • Eating green vegetables like spinach or pumpkin leaves provides the body with iron. The amount of iron needed in the body per day doubles for women below fifty.
  • Fruits and vegetables provide the body with necessary vitamins and nutrients which boosts general body performance.
  • A daily intake of a glass of milk provides your body with enough protein and calcium.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated which can help boost energy levels, and mood.

2. Mental health

  • Stay alert at work by chewing a gum
  • Long walks can help you clear your mind, and think clearly

3. Physical exercise and fitness

  • Physical exercise generally boosts oxygen and blood circulation around the body, boosts muscular strength, improves endurance capacity, and flexibility in the body.
  • A 3-hour weekly fast-paced walk can help lower the risk of heart diseases
  • Build a stronger immune system by running 13-17 miles weekly

Above all else, ensure you visit the hospital regularly for a check-up and when you notice any symptoms in your body, don’t procrastinate, visit your doctor immediately. Your life is more important than your business or job.

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