5 Best Freelance Jobs in 2021


Freelancing is fast becoming one of the most profitable career choices. The reasons for this are not far fetched.

Asides the lucrative pay, freelancing allows you to work independently for companies without having to commit to a long-term relationship with any employer. This translates to a flexible work schedule and the comfort of remote work.

It also provides the means for companies to employ workers from around the globe without being restricted to their local opportunities. With a connection to the internet and 1 or 2 basic skills, anyone can make a fortune from freelancing.

This guide compiles the 5 best freelance jobs you can take on right now with little professional skills.

Social Media management

If you’re someone that makes use of social media a lot, then you may have a chance of turning your hobby into a source of income.

Businesses and public figures often need help with their social media accounts– usually Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. A lot of businesses are run solely on social media, and there are times when the business owners are too busy with manufacturing and administrative duties that they cannot handle their social media account themselves.

The job of a social media manager is to post attractive content, increase engagement and number of followers, and improve the visual aesthetic of the account. Little skill is needed for this job.

You only need to understand how these platforms work and how to be the bridge between your client and their followers. There is a plethora of online courses and seminars (sometimes free) you can take to have a proper understanding of the skill.


Copywriting is basically writing to make people take a specific action. The action could vary from buying a product, submitting an email address, filling a survey form or simply clicking on a link.

An interesting fact about copywriting is you don’t have to be an award-winning writer or essayist to be a good copywriter. Anyone with basic skill in writing can make money from copywriting.

The best copywriters do not write with the biggest words. Instead, they use simple and clear sentences to get their messages across. It’s all about writing persuasively, using the exact language of your target audience while hitting the right emotions that’ll stir a particular action.

Another interesting fact about copywriting is how diverse it is. There are many niches one can master and specialize in. There is email copywriting, product description, sales letter writing, website copywriting and many more. All these make copywriting an excellent career choice.

Proofreading and Editing

If you have a very keen eye for errors and a strong grasp of the English language, then this one is you. As a proofreader, your job is to carefully check a piece of writing for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

These errors include subject-verb agreement problems and incorrect word choices. Proofreaders are also expected to fix typos, inconsistencies in the text, and formatting issues.

Editing, while also involved in fixing errors, is more focused on improving the entire document as a whole. Editing helps to improve the overall sentence structure and construction, sentence lengths, clarity, tone and readability. This brings the entire piece together and makes it resonate better with whoever reads it.


A transcriptionist listens to various kinds of audio recordings and converts them into written documents. The audio recordings could be court hearings, college lectures, personal conversations, business meetings, an online course and other forms of recordings that need a text format.

Usually, the transcriptionist listens to the voice recording while typing them simultaneously so the job requires a keen hearing, attentiveness, excellent typing skill, and a lot of patience.

It also needs someone who is accurate and committed to getting the job done in a specified period of time. A transcriptionist can choose to specialize in a certain field like medicine or art, but you could decide to be a general transcriptionist.

Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is quite similar to that of a secretary or a personal assistant. The difference is you don’t have to be in close proximity with your employer, neither do you have a rigid work schedule.

Also, your pay is higher than that of a secretary or a regular personal assistant. You do not need any special skill – only the ability to follow instructions and find any needed information on time. The job could involve planning the daily activities of your employer, type and organizing documents, booking plane tickets, or doing research on a particular topic.

In conclusion, not having professional skills is not an excuse not to take advantage of the benefits freelancing has to offer. You can choose any of the skills mentioned above, learn one or 2 things about it, create a profile on any freelancing website, and you’re good to go.

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